Neale Taverner, BSW, MSW, RSW

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC

Co-Parenting Counselling

Supporting families to co-parent their children in a positive manner

When families break up due to separation or divorce, it is essential that the parenting of the children continues in the healthiest manner.

As both parents usually want to continue being a positive presence in their children’s lives, then co-parenting the children needs to start immediately. In the best interests of the children, this co-parenting should involve both parents in their children’s lives in a positive way.

When both parents are co-parenting their children in a positive manner, both parents value and respect that the other parent needs to continue to be involved in the parenting of their children.

Unfortunately, this does not always occur due to issues such as discord between the parents, often leading to one or both parents having their parental role compromised. While this may be occurring, it is still possible for parents to make choices that lead to a successful co-parenting relationship.

This not only benefits the children significantly, but this is also best for the parents. If you are facing challenges co-parenting your children, I can offer support to help get you back on track to realizing the co-parenting relationship you are seeking.

I will help you identify the obstacles blocking the co-parenting relationship, the goals you have as a parent/co-parent, and tailor a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC