Neale Taverner, BSW, MSW, RSW

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC

Divorce Counselling

Get Support Through Separation and Divorce

Navigating through the process of separation or divorce often presents many challenges and a myriad of emotions as you try to make sense of this and deal with various issues. Some of these issues may include parenting, financial, mental health, and division of assets.

At times it may seem overwhelming as you work to deal with not only the day-to-day responsibilities, but also issues specific to a divorce. My role is to support you to move through this process in the healthiest manner possible, which includes making choices that may seem very difficult.

I will take the time to understand you and assist you in identifying what your needs are and realizing your goals as you move forward. Hopefully, this will lead to this often-daunting time being more manageable.

In addition, even if you are still in a relationship and are contemplating separating from your partner, I can support you to look at the issues and help you to make the best decision for you.

Divorce Counselling Services