Neale Taverner, BSW, MSW, RSW

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC

A Step in the Right Direction

A considerable amount of my professional work has been in the area of supporting parents and families dealing with separation or divorce. This has long been a passion of mine and continues to be central to my work as a parenting coordinator, divorce counsellor, and co-parenting counsellor.

When completing my Master of Social Work degree, my research project was on Parental Alienation, which is when one parent blocks the other parent’s relationship with their children for no valid reason. This may lead to destructive issues for children, as they are dealing with their own challenges of their parents’ relationship dissolving. In most cases children love both their parents and are not seeking to end their relationships with their parents just because their parents have separated or divorced.

I have worked as a group facilitator for the government mandated Parenting After Separation (PAS) groups and have considerable experience supporting couples and families moving through the process of separation or divorce. This includes individual, couples, and family counselling. This often emotionally charged time can also affect a person’s mental health and impact their life in a profound manner. I try to help people focus on the salient issues related to their separation or divorce so they can use their energy constructively as they strive to make healthy choices.

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC
Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC
People are resilient and often we do not know our inner strengths until we go through a challenging time such as separation or divorce. My goal is to assist each person to identify their strengths and utilize them as they move through this process. As this can be a very emotionally challenging time, I work with people to use their energies in a positive manner, as it is often easy to get caught up in issues that sap our energy.

My goal is to help each person maintain a healthy control of their life during this difficult time. Whether it is a person taking a step back to evaluate their situation or considering another perspective on their life, each person deserves to have as much healthy control of their life as possible.

I also have extensive experience in the area of mental health and addictions, as these issues can be prevalent or affect a person experiencing separation or divorce. By addressing a person’s experiences in a holistic manner, a person can more effectively address separation or divorce comprehensively. There are many issues that may need to be addressed, so it is important to identify them in a timely manner so they can be dealt with.

I believe when a person goes through challenging times, it is not always about making the right choices, it is about making the best choices. I will assist each person in exploring the issues they are dealing with as they consider their options. This will hopefully allow each person to make the best choices given the circumstances at the time.

I strive to provide a safe environment for each person and my core values include being non-judgmental, respecting confidentiality, and encouraging self-determination.

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC

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