Neale Taverner, BSW, MSW, RSW

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC

Parenting Coordinator

Co-parent effectively with a Parenting Coordinator to prioritize your children's best interests.

For some people, the separation/divorce process presents many challenges in dealing with the other parent in terms of parenting their children. They may find they are consistently ending up in court, which can not only be frustrating, but also very costly financially and emotionally.

If conflict is present, this can be emotionally draining and takes the focus off what is most important – the best interests of the children. As a parenting coordinator (PC), I can assist both the other parent and you to take more control of the parenting of your children in a more collaborative manner.

A PC can help parents make decisions in a timely manner instead of waiting for another court date, which is generally optimal for all family members. A PC will not only provide education involving relevant issues such as communication and parenting, but also will facilitate mediation and arbitration.

The goal of a PC is to assist parents to make a positive shift in their relationship with each other and to develop the ability for both parents to take more control of the parenting of their children. The end result is that both parents use their energies to work towards what is best for their children, as children deal with their own challenges of their parent’s relationship ending.

Parents working together as they co-parent their children will help their children deal with their own issues with the support of both parents, which is critical. At the same time, collaborating with the other parent will also benefit each parent as often the conflict has been reduced or eradicated.

Divorce Counselling Services Langley BC